How many locks do you need on a front door?

Any security professional will tell you two locks are better than one, a common combination is usually a deadbolt and a standard BS36221 lock. Insures often offer reductions on premiums if you take extra security measures such as this.

How can I secure windows without using bars?

There are a few things you can do to improve the security of a window, firstly have reliable locks installed. You can also install a window alarm and camera. Another good extra measure is laminated safety glass (one way view).

Can a locksmith open a deadbolt?

It is widely believed that deadbolt locks are almost impossible to open when locked, however, this isn’t true. If you have the correct tools, knowledge, and training that a locksmith does then it is possible to open a deadbolt.

Do I need to change the locks when I move home in Edinburgh?

When you move into a new property it is always advised that you have the locks changed. This is to ensure your home remains as secure as it can be, you can never be sure of who else might be in possession of a key to your home from previous occupants. Contact a reliable local […]

How do burglars break-in to a property?

Burglars use various different methods and points of entry when breaking into a property. The most common is the front door, 34% of burglars use the front door to simply walk into a property and take what they can. The second most common is open or unlocked first floor windows, 23% of burglars use this […]

What makes a home a target for burglars?

Burglars keep an eye out for properties that have weak, old or damaged locks on doors and windows. If a lock can be bypassed or snapped easily by a burglar, then that home is an easy target for a burglar. Garage and pet doors are also provide easy entry points for burglars!

What are chain locks?

Chain locks are made form hardened steal links and a lock that is usually integrated into the chain however they can come separate. This is quite a heavy duty lock when compared to u-locks so they provide an extra level of protection.

How much do locksmiths in Edinburgh Charge?

Locksmiths charge an average price of between £65 – £90. However, this can be influenced by how many locks are required and how long the job is going to take so prices may vary.

Can a locksmith gain entry to a house door?

Yes, any good local locksmith will not only be able to gain entry to your home, but they can also do this with out causing any damage to the lock. This is called non-destructive entry. Alcatraz-Edinburgh Locksmiths always use non-destructive entry methods to gain entry to homes and business around Edinburgh.

What is a Deadbolt?

A deadbolt or dead lock is a locking mechanism that that can only be moved to the open position by using a key. This provides an extra level of security for homes in Edinburgh.