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Edinburgh Locksmiths Blog: window security – part 1


As Edinburgh locksmiths the main services we provide are repairing locks, replacing locks and providing an emergency service. However, In the past few weeks I have been installing more window locks than ever before. Due to this fact I thought I would write a couple of blogs posts, regarding why i think window security is on the increase. I will also explain some affordable options to increase your window security.

One of the properties i installed window locks onto recently was due to a burglary: the elderly man was in bed whilst the thieves broke in through a sash window. They took his car keys, wallet and stole his car. Sadly the thieves may have already ‘scouted’ his property. Before breaking in they usually look for properties occupied by the elderly or the vulnerable, before moving on to check out their security.

The elderly man has now had an alarm installed and had all his windows secured with sash stops.

Another property i fitted window locks to recently had their sash window forced open and were awoken by noises and torch lights shining downstairs – luckily the thieves fled the scene when they realised someone was in the house.


Window locks

There are hundreds of locks on the market for windows, but for the sake of keeping this blog brief I will only talk about one type of lock today. I will talk about other locks in future Alcatraz – Edinburgh Locksmiths blogs

Sash stops

Sash windows are an older type window that lift up the way to open. They are mostly fitted to older type properties or to houses which are listed. These types of windows are particularly easy for a thief to enter. Usually they will wedge a crowbar in at the bottom of the window and force it up – breaking the catch which is supposed to keep them closed.

Insurance companies have caught onto how easy it is for properties with these type of windows to be broken into and have altered there policies accordingly. Some policies will state that if you do not have key operated locks fitted to these windows it will invalidate the policy.

A great way a securing these types of windows is by fitting sash stops. Edinburgh locksmiths - window security: sash stopsThey are relatively cheap to buy and very easy to install. They are small bullet shaped locks that are drilled into the window frame which block the window from being forced open. They can be fitted tight to the window so the window cannot be opened, or they can be fitted a few inches up so the householder can open a little for ventilation. If the owner wants to open the window fully these locks simply screw out by inserting the special key provided and turn it clockwise to release the bolt.

As mentioned above i will talk about alternative window security in future posts.

For a complete guide to home security this article is very helpful: Best home security system. Also check out this home security guide for more great tips.

Hopefully this small post has been of interest to you. If you have any questions regarding locks or home security don’t hesitate to call Alcatraz – Edinburgh Locksmiths for some free advice


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