upvc door repairs Edinburgh

UPVC Door Repairs / Multi Point Locking Repairs Edinburgh

upvc door repairs Edinburgh

Edinburgh UPVC Door Repairs

At Alcatraz locksmiths, our UPVC multi point lock repair service specialise in diagnosing and repairing these type of doors.

Through many years of experience, we have learned how to open, repair, and replace any type of UPVC mechanism.

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UPVC door repairs: What is wrong with my UPVC door?

UPVC door repairs are fast becoming the most popular repair a locksmith will undertake.

These multi-point locking doors are becoming more popular due to their high security features and relative cheapness.

Most traditional wooden doors will have 1 or 2 locks fitted as standard. Whereas a multi point / UPVC door can have up to 8 different locking points on the same door.

However, because a UPVC door has more working parts than a traditional door, there is more scope for parts to break.

UPVC door not locking

Inside a UPVC door there is a metal mechanism that runs down the door. When the handle is lifted up a series of locking features will pop out the mechanism, and fit into the adjacent holes in the door frame.

The most common reason these type of mechanisms break, is due to poor door alignment.

When a door has moved out of its normal position, the locks that come out the door mechanism, no longer align with holes in the door frame. Therefore, extra force is required to make the door lock into position.

Unfortunately, unless the door alignment problem is addressed, it is only a matter of time before the locking mechanism will break.

The best way to avoid a broken mechanism is to call a professional locksmith. They can realign your door fairly quickly, so no force required to lock the door.

UPVC door wont open

Broken gearbox

When a UPVC door wont open, its usually down to the problem described above (door misalignment).

If it has been allowed to go on too long, the gearbox within the door mechanisms will have broken.

If the gearbox breaks whilst the door is shut, this can be tricky job for a locksmith to open.

Most times a locksmith will have a locked UPVC door open in under 15 minutes, but occasionally there are some jobs that can take much longer to open. That’s why we recommend using a local locksmith with fixed prices.

If you want to save money do not use a national locksmith company. Call our UPVC door lock repairs Edinburgh number, and we will give you free free quote.

Broken barrel

Another reason a UPVC door wont open, can be due to a faulty barrel.

This could be down to vandalism, such as someone putting glue in the lock. However, more often than not, the barrel has simply reached the end of its life.

These type of multi point lock repairs are an easy fix for a locksmith. They will simply extract the barrel, open the door, and replace it with a new barrel.

This type of job should cost the customer no more than £90 to open the door and fit a new anti snap barrel. If the quote is higher than this amount,  the customer has probably phoned a national firm.

UPVC door handle broken

Sometimes a customer will report the handles on their UPVC door are broken. The handles will either not budge – or the complete opposite, they will just hang down floppy.

In both instances, it is not the handles that are broken – it is the gearbox within the UPVC mechanism that has broken. There will be a broken part within the gearbox preventing the handle from performing its normal operation.

Once the door is opened, and a new gearbox fitted, the handles will start operating normally again.


I can lock my UPVC door but i cant get the key out?upvc door lock repairs edinburgh

This is a common issue locksmiths deal with many times a year. However, what causes this problem, and how can it be fixed?

The picture to the right is an euro lock. This is the type of lock that is fitted in most UPVC doors.

When someone puts a key in the lock and turns it, the black part in the middle of lock (cam) will turn. When the cam turns to the 12 o’clock position, it will lock and unlock the mechanism of the door.

Once the door is locked or unlocked, the cam will travel back to the bottom position in the barrel, then the key can be extracted from the lock.

When problems arise

Most euro locks will only lock, or unlock, if there is NO key in the other side of the barrel.

If there is a key in one side of the lock, and someone puts a key in the other side, and forces the lock to turn. The cam in the middle of the lock will twist out of position. It will now be pointing up the way in its natural position, as opposed to down the way.

The person may have been able to unlock the door. However, because the cam is now out of position, the person will no longer be able to pull the key out off the lock – as mentioned earlier, the cam needs to be around the bottom position of the barrel to extract the key.

It is possible to take the lock out of the door, and put the cam back into its natural position. However, once a cam has been twisted out of alignment, it will usually have lost its strength, and will easily go out of alignment in the future.

The best fix for this type of problem is to replace the cylinder with a new one. 


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