renting a spare room

Renting a Spare Room, What locks Do i Need?

Renting a spare room

Renting a spare room can be a great way to earn extra cash these days.

Under the governments rent a room scheme anyone is allowed to rent out a furnished room in their home, and earn up to £7500 per year tax free – you don’t even need to file a tax return.

If you don’t want to find your own tenants for renting a spare room, there’s a host of companies which will provide you with tenants – in exchange for a management fee.

Companies such as Airbnb can provide you with short term tenants, from 1 night to a few weeks. However, for more long term solutions, companies such as could be the direction to go.

Door locks for landlord security and Tenant privacy

When renting a spare room it could benefit the landlord to have locks fitted on the bedroom doors.

Having locks fitted on bedroom doors provides a private space for tenants and landlords, and stops people entering uninvited.

Apart from the security aspect of door locks, they also provide peace of mind that you possessions are safe when you are away from the property.

Most tenants view a door lock as a prerequisite when renting a spare room.

Would you stay in a hotel room with no lock on the door?

What type of locks to use when renting a spare room?

When renting a spare room, most letting companies will require the locks to be the HMO (house of multiple occupants) type.

This means the locks should be able to be opened from the inside, without the need for a key.

These types of locks are geared towards health and safety, and are to enable a fast exit in the case of an emergency.

For example, if a bedroom door has a standard mortice lock (key operated on both sides), if there was a fire in the room and the tenant could not find the keys, it could be fatal.


Door locks for renting fitted by Alcatraz – Edinburgh locksmiths

Listed below are the most popular locks we fit at Alcatraz Edinburgh locksmiths to rented properties. The first lock we fit at a property is always the full price. However, any additional locks are installed at a discounted rate.

Yale type nightlatch. Supplied and fitted for £85 – each additional fitting £65

Yale nightlatchThese types of locks are probably the most popular locks in the world.

If fitted to the main entrance to a property it is recommended to have additional locks fitted to the door too. However, for a bedroom door they provide ample security – when fitted correctly.

From the outside they are opened by a key, and from the inside by a turning knob located on the back of the lock. To lock, you simply pull the door closed.


Deadlock with Euro thumb turn. Supplied and fitted for £120 – each additional fitting £100

Deadlock with Euro thumb turnIf looking for a more secure lock than a nightlatch, then the deadlock with Euro thumb turn is the way to go.

They are more expensive to install, however there is more work and parts required to fit them.

The deadlock is morticed into the door, then an anti snap euro thumb turn is inserted through the door and lock, then escutcheons are used to cover installation holes.


For any further information regarding door locks for renting a spare room, do not hesitate to call Alcatraz Edinburgh locksmiths for some free advice.