Locksmiths Edinburgh | Read This For A Laugh

  As 24 hour emergency locksmiths Edinburgh we get used to dealing with pressure situations. For example I’ve been to lockouts where the whole family Is watching me try to open their door whilst a baby is screaming its head off.  I’ve opening repossessed houses for the city of Edinburgh council, often with a few bailiff type […]

Non Destructive Entry | How Choosing The Right Locksmith Can Save You Money

Non Destructive Entry Usually when someone loses the keys to their home they will type something like ’24 hour locksmiths’  or ‘Locksmith near me‘ into google. There is nothing wrong with these search terms. However, armed with more knowledge of how some locksmiths operate, the customer could save themselves quite a bit of money. Locksmiths […]

How I Became An Edinburgh Locksmith – Alcatraz

Childhood fascination  When I think back to when I was a child I suppose I have always had a fascination with keys and locks, and how I could open them. One of the earliest memories I have is rummaging through my grandmothers cupboards trying to find something to play with. I can remember coming across […]

British Standard Mortice Locks – Alcatraz Edinburgh locksmiths

Old mortice locks versus present day British standard mortice locks   Old type mortice locks As a practising Edinburgh locksmith for many years I often discuss with my colleagues the nightmare jobs we encounter. From the stories I tell them and the ones they tell me it seems the most difficult job a professional locksmith will encounter […]

Open A Door Locked From Inside

How to open a door locked from inside   scenario   I had to feel sorry for a customer in north Edinburgh this month. I Got a phone call  from a man asking if I could open a door locked from inside -his bathroom door! he was stuck inside the toilet and had tried everything […]

Open A Locked Door With Credit Card – Is It That Easy?

Due to providing an emergency locksmith Edinburgh service, we see some sights when attending jobs where people are locked out. We find that most people have a bash at opening their own doors, before biting the bullet and phoning a locksmith. Some people think they can open a locked door with credit card, or pick the lock […]

Pay per click ads (PPC) – know the risks

Being a modern day Locksmith can be tough. We are in one of the most competitive trades in the United kingdom. It is almost impossible to get on page 1 of Google, never mind top spot on page one.  When searching for anything on Google (or whatever browser you use) you will notice the websites at […]

Best Door Locks

 Inappropriate locks fitted to a property   Best door locks  As an emergency Edinburgh locksmith I got called to a lockout yesterday at one of the busiest pubs in the city. The landlord had the key for the lock but the door would not open, So he phoned a few locksmiths for a quote. After […]

Locksmiths In Edinburgh – Home Security Tips

Locksmith Edinburgh – home security tips With summer around the corner locksmiths around Edinburgh will be busy repairing locks due to burglaries. Listed below are some security tips to decrease your chances of having an unwanted visitor! The staff at Alcatraz want to give you the best chance of avoiding the pain of a break in, […]

Home Security : Some Essential Tips For This Summer

HOME SECURITY : SOME ESSENTIAL TIPS   As a practicing locksmiths in Edinburgh we see on a daily basis why home security has never been more important! when it comes to fitting windows and doors the options are endless. With all these variations its important to know how each mechanism can be further secured. This in turn […]