Renting a Spare Room, What locks Do i Need?

Renting a spare room Renting a spare room can be a great way to earn extra cash these days. Under the governments rent a room scheme anyone is allowed to rent out a furnished room in their home, and earn up to £7500 per year tax free – you don’t even need to file a […]

Locksmith Blog | Insurance Small Print, Regarding Door And Window Locks

Locksmith blog: Home security This locksmith blog is to raise awareness regarding the locks insurance companies require, before they will pay out, in an event of a burglary. Unfortunately, most people probably don’t know what type of locks they have in their doors and windows. They may  be paying for a home insurance policy, which […]

Locksmith Prices | How Much Does A Locksmith Cost | Alcatraz Locksmiths

How much does a locksmith cost? The answer: locksmith prices depend on WHO you call! locksmith prices is a subject being taken very seriously lately. This could be due to TV programmes like the BBC’S rogue traders exposing con men, and their tricks to charge a huge price. However, since that programme was aired in […]

UPVC Door Repairs / Multi Point Locking Repairs Edinburgh

Edinburgh UPVC Door Repairs At Alcatraz locksmiths, our UPVC multi point lock repair service specialise in diagnosing and repairing these type of doors. Through many years of experience, we have learned how to open, repair, and replace any type of UPVC mechanism. UPVC Door Repairs In Edinburgh: 0131 467 7675 Fixed price UPVC door repairs […]

Door Lock Not Working? | Alcatraz Edinburgh Locksmiths

My door lock is broken? : The most common reasons “My door lock is jammed”, “my door lock is sticking”, “my door lock is loose”. These are the statements a locksmith will hear all the time. When people have a door lock not working properly, they will usually have no idea what’s gone wrong. Sometimes […]

How Secure Is My UPVC Door? By Alcatraz Edinburgh Locksmiths

As practising Edinburgh Locksmiths we see the results of burglaries on a weekly basis. Most times we need to upgrade the customers locks, to ensure it won’t happen again. whilst there we offer a free home security check, and advise on burglary prevention methods.   A Burglary usually happens when the thief finds an easy target, such […]

Edinburgh Locksmiths | Are Your Windows Secure?

Edinburgh Locksmiths Blog: window security – part 1   As Edinburgh locksmiths the main services we provide are repairing locks, replacing locks and providing an emergency service. However, In the past few weeks I have been installing more window locks than ever before. Due to this fact I thought I would write a couple of blogs […]

Locksmiths Edinburgh | Read This For A Laugh

  As 24 hour emergency locksmiths Edinburgh we get used to dealing with pressure situations. For example I’ve been to lockouts where the whole family Is watching me try to open their door whilst a baby is screaming its head off.  I’ve opening repossessed houses for the city of Edinburgh council, often with a few bailiff type […]

Non Destructive Entry | How Choosing The Right Locksmith Can Save You Money

Non Destructive Entry Usually when someone loses the keys to their home they will type something like ’24 hour locksmiths’  or ‘Locksmith near me‘ into google. There is nothing wrong with these search terms. However, armed with more knowledge of how some locksmiths operate, the customer could save themselves quite a bit of money. Locksmiths […]

How I Became An Edinburgh Locksmith – Alcatraz

Childhood fascination  When I think back to when I was a child I suppose I have always had a fascination with keys and locks, and how I could open them. One of the earliest memories I have is rummaging through my grandmothers cupboards trying to find something to play with. I can remember coming across […]