Emergency Door Opening

Non-Destructive Gain Entry Explained

Emergency Door Opening

If you find yourself locked out of your property, you call out an emergency locksmith and when they arrive at your door, they should always start by looking at ways to get back into property without damaging the lock or door. This is called Non-Destructive Entry and it takes training and skill as there are different techniques involved with this process which can sometimes be tricky if not done correctly.

When it comes to opening a locked door, there are many different methods that you can use all depending on the type of lock. For example: Yale locks usually require picking tools and bump keys in order for them be opened. Night latches usually need manual persuasion while mortice locks may take more time as some hands-on work is needed before getting successfully opening!

There’s no one solution. Locking systems can be very complex, with there being many different types and ages of lock requiring different approaches to ensure success; this means it would be misleading to say drilling your way out will never work because sometimes nothing else does either!

Mortice locks are the most difficult and therefore if any lock needs drilling it will likely be one of these. With this said if a locksmith does need to drill a lock, they will leave your lock and door looking as good as, if not better than it did when they arrived.

For anyone who needs emergency gain entry, it is worth checking if the locksmith will at least attempt Non-Destructive Entry techniques. You can do this by looking up their company website for mention of ‘Non-Destructive’ or reading reviews on Google about them before calling them so that you know what kind service, they offer in addition to quality workmanship!

At the end of day, sometimes drilling out old locks to replace them with brand new ones really is the best option. If you have lost keys or fear, they may have been stolen, replacing the locks will keep those people from accessing things where they don’t belong! With this said no one should have to pay an unnecessary bill, so make sure you do your research make sure you have chosen a reliable local locksmith with good reviews then you can be sure you are in safe hands.

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