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Locksmith Blog | Insurance Small Print, Regarding Door And Window Locks

Locksmith blog: Home security

This locksmith blog is to raise awareness regarding the locks insurance companies require, before they will pay out, in an event of a burglary.

Unfortunately, most people probably don’t know what type of locks they have in their doors and windows. They may  be paying for a home insurance policy, which is invalid due to sub standard locks.

They may also be paying too much for their policy, by not having incorrect locks fitted – some companies offer big discounts for clients who tick all the boxes.

Type of mortice lock insurance companies require

British standard mortice lock

British standard mortice locks that Alcatraz Edinburgh locksmiths install

British standard mortice lock

Mortice locks are a more traditional type of lock – they have been fitted into doors for hundreds of years. They are usually installed into wooden doors.

Most modern builds are now fitted with UPVC doors – containing a multi point locking system. Although some builders still prefer installing a traditional wooden door with a mortice lock.

Regarding insurance policies, most insurers require the policy holder to have a minimum of a 5 lever mortice lock. Although some companies insist on a 5 lever British standard lock meeting the BS3621 security specifications.

It may seem like insurance companies are being anal regarding the types of locks they want fitted – it is for good reason though when it comes to a mortice lock.

Some older mortice locks only contain 2 or 3 levers (parts of the lock that lift when the key is turned). This means they are vulnerable to being opened by anyone who has a set of skeleton keys, or a basic knowledge of lock picking. Unfortunately, these lock bypass tools are readily available on places like Amazon and Ebay.

It is not only the Levers that are vulnerable to attack in the older mortice locks. Most of these locks are fitted with a tiny bolt (part that comes out the lock, and into the door frame). These tiny bolts only insert into a hole in the wood on the door frame. This means if a decent blow was delivered to the door, the chances are, either the bolt break or the wood on the frame would give way, giving access to the property.

A British standard mortice lock is fitted with a very large – reinforced bolt. This bolt, when locked, fits into a metal box that installed into the door frame. This means there is not much chance of the lock being being forced open with a kick or a crowbar etc..

UPVC doors and window locks

Although some insurance policies require things that other policies don’t, most of them will require things like anti snap Euro locks and lockable windows. Below is an example of an insurance policy from a major provider.


insurance policy

This locksmith blog was designed to raise awareness regarding households locks – and how having the wrong ones can render the insurance policy invalid.

If in doubt you should refer to your home insurance policy, or ask a local locksmith to give you a free home security survey.