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Check if your door lock is an Anti-Snap lock


Did you know it can take approximately 15 seconds for a burglar to break open a standard euro cylinder door lock which is the most common type of door lock that most people have fitted.  The method known as “lock snapping” is a quick and easy method that burglars use to gain access to your property.   The solution to this is to have anti snap locks fitted with the TS007 3-star rating or the SS312 Diamond mark.

What is lock snapping?

Lock snapping is a technique that burglars use to open doors which are fitted with a standard euro cylinder lock. This technique can be carried out very quietly which is why it is the most common way of gaining entry to people’s homes illegally.

So what burglars generally do is remove any handles or plastic coverings around the door handle so they can see the door lock and then the euro lock cylinder can be snapped in two by using a pair of pliers.  That is how simple it can be!

How do I know if my door lock has an anti-snap lock?

If you have a composite, U PVC or an aluminium door which has been fitted in the last 10 to 15 years then you probably have a euro cylinder door lock.  These types of locks are normally fitted on front doors, but you can also have these locks on back doors, patio doors and even garage doors.  Sometimes the only way of knowing is to remove the lock.  If this is something you are considering doing then please make sure you call a locksmith out to check this as by removing any locks, this may compromise the security of your home.

Standard euro cylinder locks compared to anti snap locks

The difference between the standard euro cylinder lock compared to the anti-snap lock is a very minuscule hole. In standard cylinders, the weakest place is the screw hole that is used to fasten the lock to the door. Force can they be used on this weak spot which will snap and reveal the locking mechanism inside.

Anti-snap cylinders have a line cut down into the cylinder body, this is known as a sacrificial snap line. When pressure is applied then the cylinder snaps along this line but the mechanism itself stays in place. The door will stay locked even if the front part of the lock barrel is broken.

Choosing the right anti snap lock?

Your anti snap lock should meet the following criteria:

SS312 Diamond Standard

The company “Sold Secure” test a variety of door locks to make sure they can withstand any techniques used by burglars. When products have been evaluated to satisfactory standards, then they can bear their mark of approval. The SS312 Diamond is one of the first test standard locks made and remains one of the best anti snap locks to date.

TS007 3 star

If your euro cylinder lock has a TS007 BSI kitemark and a 3 star rating, this suggests that it has been tested for snap resistance, and the kitemark confirms that it has been tested by a another company and not solely by the manufacturer.

Euro cylinder locks all have the same shape so they should fit your door, but they do vary in length.  Therefore, choosing the right anti snap lock is important.

If you do not buy the correct length, then you would probably have to use some carpentry skills to try and fit the lock as it must sit flush to the door.  If it does not fit properly and sticks out even by a few millimetres, then burglars will be able to grip onto this!


If you would like some advice on anti-snap door locks or you would like your locks checked to see what types of locks you have fitted then please give us a call on 0131 467 7675 and we would be happy to help.   But if you have decided to have anti snap locks on your doors then we would be more than happy to carry out this work for you.  This would give you piece of mind that your locks are fitted correctly, and your home is properly secured.