Home Security : Some Essential Tips For This Summer



As a practicing locksmiths in Edinburgh we see on a daily basis why home security has never been more important! when it comes to fitting windows and doors the options are endless. With all these variations its important to know how each mechanism can be further secured. This in turn will decrease the chances of a burglary and improve you home security. Gone are the days when a simple bolt is enough to keep your belongings and loved one’s safe. staying ahead of intruders now an ongoing battle. below is a list of ways to increase the home security in your home.


1. Wooden Front Doors

The standard lock for most wooden front doors is a rim latch. commonly known as a Yale lock. However this alone is not enough to secure a property. A five lever lock should be fitted too for additional home security. this helps distribute any weight put against the door evenly.

2. UPVC Doors

multi-point locks are fitted to UPVC doors when they are made. it’s not usually possible to fit additional locks. Instead, to avoid ‘lock-snapping’ (a method of breaking the Euro cylinder on most UPVC doors) you should upgrade to an ‘anti-snap’ cylinder.

3. Sliding Patio Doors

These doors you usually find leading out onto a patio or decking. More modern varieties come fitted with a multi-point locking system built in. If yours aren’t; then a regular bolt at the top or bottom of the door will prevent the door from being opened from outside. as these doors are usually at the back of the building and allow direct access to the house, some homeowners decide to install a locking metal grill. These can be closed and secured when the doors are not in use.

4. French doors

like sliding patio doors, French doors offer to the home. this can be a very tempting option for burglars. Mortice rack bolts or mounted locking bolts can be fitted to the top and bottom of French doors, in addition to a five lever (British Standard 3621) lock in the middle. Hinge bolts, regardless of whether the doors open inwards or outwards, are also the best way to secure this type of door.

If you need more information on how to increase the security of your home, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us or type emergency locksmith Edinburgh into Google for a list of companies that can offer you. Advice. Our expertise in the industry comes from high quality training, and we are confident that you’ll get the best quality work done possible when you choose Alcatraz Edinburgh locksmith.

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