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Improving Your Business Security

Business security

The experience of being the victim of a business break-in is not only traumatic and stressful, but it also often comes at a high cost to the business owner. Its not only loss of equipment and merchandise that needs dealing with, there is also any damages caused by the burglar, be it smashed windows and broken locks, all of which will have to be replaced promptly in order to secure the business premises once again.

This is why our team at Alcatraz – Edinburgh Locksmiths have put together this handy guide for business owners to help them take the necessary steps to improve upon their current security measures, in order to help better defend the business from burglars.

Have A Business Risk Assessment

By having a risk assessment carried out at your business premises you are going to be able to quickly get a better understanding of the current security measures you have in place, and vulnerabilities you may have and how you can improve upon this.

You may feel that as a business owner that you already have a pretty good idea on what security measures you have at your business and how they can be improved upon, but it is always worth having a professional carry out a risk assessment as they may be able to point out vulnerabilities in your business security that you would have never even considered.  This way you can be sure that once you have carried out the necessary security improvements that your business will be as secure as it possibly can be.

Below is a list of a few common security upgrades that often come up on a professional risk assessment, these will all differ depending on the size, location and opening hours of your business.

Business Security Upgrade Tips

Replace and/or Upgrade Locks – If your locks are old, damaged or do not meet the current BS3621 or TS007 then you will almost certainly need to replace and upgrade the locks at your business premise.

Window Locks – If y=the windows at your business premises don’t already have key operated locks then you will need all the locks upgrading or installing on your windows, also depending on where the windows are in your building there may be additional security measures advised to work alongside the locks.

Restricted Key System – This works by you as the business owner controlling the sole copy of the key to your business. A code will be needed in order to make copies of the keys, so you as the business owner can control exactly how many copies of the keys there are and who has access to them. This means that you will have full control over the key and are able to ensure no keys are copied or stolen.

Cabinet Locks – Any cabinets or draws that contain, personal details, sensitive information, valuables or medication should have locks installed.

Use Technology To Enhance Business Security

Technology is all around us these days and it’s come on leaps and bounds when it comes to security so why not take advantage of it when it comes to improving the security of your business? Below are a couple of examples of how technology can help secure your business:

  • Smart Locks – these have many benefits when it comes to business security, some of the best include, the ability to monitor when a door has been unlocked and who it was that unlocked it as well as the ability to grant access from a distance.
  • Security Alarms – these are tried and tested in the security industry for years and they are incredibly effective at deterring potential burglars. It is advised that you put up visible signage stating that the alarm is in use.
  • HD CCTV – CCTV has come on in the recent years and is now available in High Definition. This system allows you to monitor what’s going on at your business remotely as well as acting as a huge deterrent to potential burglars. An added benefit of the HD CCTV is that if the worst does happen and a burglar manages to gain entry to your business premises, the HD footage caught by the camera goes a long way towards helping the police catch whoever is responsible for the break-in and potentially retrieving stolen goods.

If you need help improving the security measures at your business, then contact Alcatraz – Edinburgh Locksmiths today – 0131 467 7675