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Home Security: Winter Security Tips

Home Security

Home Security measures can always be improved upon. Home Security measures are constantly updated, to meet the latest British Standards. Homeowners must be aware of these changes and updates in Home Security systems to protect their home against becoming a victim of burglary.

Home security can be improved by performing some basic Home Security maintenance every day. Home security conducted routinely creates good habits that keep your Home safe and secure and much more difficult for burglars to gain entry into your home.

Winter Is probably the worst time of year for break-ins so it makes sense that you spend a bit of extra time during the winter months to make sure your home security measures are as good as they can be.

Home Security begins with recognising that it needs to be an integral part of your daily life so keeping up-to-date by regularly conducting Home Security measures is vital. To help you get on the right track we’ll share some basic Home security tips here:

Window and Door Locks – It is shocking how many people neglect this most basic of security measures. Ensure all windows and doors are locked including windows on the top floor! If your windows don’t have locks, then you should consider having locks installed as soon as possible as this will vastly improve the security of your home.

Home Security Lights – Make sure lights in your home come on when it gets dark outside and remember to turn them off again when they’re no longer needed.

Alarm Systems – These can either be a DIY system or professionally installed depending on your budget and preference. While a DIY system might save a bit in installation costs, there’s no point in saving if you’re not going to bother setting it up properly.

Safe – You should use a safe to store any valuables such as jewellery, cash and personal information. You may find that your insurer will offer a discount to your premiums if you use a safe to store valuables.

Your Local Neighbourhood Watch Team – They can advise on measures you can take to improve Home Security in the area and give advice on how best to protect yourself against home security issues such as crime prevention and burglary. As part of an organized movement, they’re really good at mobilizing themselves into action when something does happen!

Don’t Hide Keys – You never know if a burglar is in your area scoping out houses that would make a good target so you should never hide a key outside your home. Instead, you should make sure everyone that needs access to your home has a spare key, if this is not possible then leave a spare with a trusted neighbour.

Bushes and Shrubbery – Try to keep bushes and shrubbery around your home tidy, this makes it much harder for burglars to hide in them.

Light Up Doorways – Have motion sensor lights installed above all doors this will deter burglars as they will no longer have the cover of darkness to attempt a break-in unseen.

Home Security is a must for all homeowners, it should be viewed as something that can’t be ignored or set and forgotten about regularly conducting Home Security maintenance.

Home Security measures can always be improved upon – especially during the winter months when burglaries are most common! Make it difficult for burglars by performing some basic Home Security maintenance everyday – remember, it’s an integral part of everyday life!

A final home security tip we will leave you with, if you have an adjoining garage, always make sure the door is locked at all times, particularly the door between your home and the garage. Burglars are always on the lookout for easy access to a home and leaving the door unlock will provide them just that.

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