Home Security Tips: Keep Homes and Businesses Secure This Winter


Regardless of the level of home security measures you have in place at your home or business there is always room for improvements. Burglars are continuously coming up with new ways to bypass security measures in order to gain entry to a property. In turn the security industry is constantly coming up with innovative new security measures to help keep the burglars at bay.

Its no secret that winter is the one of the worst times of year for burglaries, the dark nights play a huge role in making break-in that bit easier to get in and out of a property un-noticed. It is because of this that our team at Alcatraz – Edinburgh Locksmiths have put together some must know tips to help you better secure your home or business this winter.

Window and Door Locks – This is one of the most basic security measures, yet many tend to neglect it. You should make sure all windows and doors are locked, not only when you leave your property but when you are at home and they are not in use, this includes top floor windows as well. If your windows don’t currently have locks installed, then it is strongly advised that you have either have locks installed to your existing handles or have the handles replaced with ones that already have locks integrated.

Use A Safe – Any valuables and sensitive documents or ID should be stored away in a safe. You may even find that insurance providers will offer discounts on your premiums if you use a safe at home to store valuables. It is important that you safe is installed out of sight, so it is not immediately obvious to anyone that it is there.

Light Timers – If you arrive home from work after it gets dark or you are having a family holiday then it is a good idea to put some lights on a timer, this will create the impression that someone is home and act as a deterrent to potential burglars. Bear in mind that if you do this, it is also a good idea to keep blinds or curtains closed so that the layout of your property and any valuables are not clearly lit up and on display.

Spare Keys – You should never leave a spare key outside your property. Burglars know exactly where to look even if you think it is in the most inconspicuous place! Make sure that anyone who needs access to your property has a key, if this is not possible then leave a spare with a reliable neighbour.

Light Doorways – Use motion sensor lights on the outside of your property to light up any doorways front and back. These are a brilliant home security measure as they act as a huge deterrent to potential burglars as it takes away the cover of darkness and draws attention to the fact that someone is approaching the property.

In order to fully prepare for winter and ensure your home security measures are as good as they can be you should carry out a home security check, or have a locksmith do one for you this way any suggested improvements can be made straight away and any repairs to existing measures can be made.

If you need a home security check or would like to implement some home security upgrades, then contact Alcatraz – Edinburgh Locksmiths today – 0131 467 7675