Home Security: Door Maintenance

Door Maintenance

A front door is vital to any property, not only does it provide protection for the elements but also provides security from unwanted intruders. With this in mind door maintenance and maintaining your home’s exterior really should be at top of one’s list when making updates or renovations on a new project! Our team at Alcatraz – Edinburgh Locksmiths have put together a few of our top tips to help you keep your front door in tip top condition and as secure as it can be.

Ensure Door Is Hung Correctly – Door locks are designed work alongside a frame and handle that have been fitted correctly. If you don’t hang your door properly or it’s misaligned, then this can put pressure on the lock eventually causing failure in its operation. You can tell if a door is incorrectly hung by observing the gap between it and its frame. If this doesn’t look like an evenly spaced space, then you should call out your local locksmith to come fix or adjust things so that all sides are evened off nicely!

Clean Door Locks – Despite the common misconception, keeping your door locks clean and free from dirt or grime is just as important to maintaining their effectiveness. Door lock can easily be cleaned with warm soapy water at home either by yourself or if you’re feeling too lazy for that then opt instead in store-bought detergents specially made just for this task!

Lubrication – Lubricating your locks every 6 months will help you avoid unnecessary wear and damage. When using a lubricant, never use oil-based ones such as WD40 – this could clog the lock leading to jams!

Don’t Misuse Keys – It’s important to treat your keys with care and respect, because if they’re misused in any way then anything from the key itself getting scratched or damaged beyond repair all of that damage could also happen on locks too. Avoiding things such as pulling hard when closing doors behind oneself; forcing combinations by yanking them out rather than carefully turning handle/depositing key into slot-button combination ;or aggressively trying unlock door without matching up correctly will lead not only toward unnecessary weariness but may even result in damage to the lock.

Keys are often one of the first things to go wrong with locks, so it’s always best practice for you or anyone else who uses that key regularly (parents/guards etc)to replace their old ones when they notice any damage. If possible keep an unused original key on hand at all times in case someone needs another copy made up – this will help keep accuracy accurate!

Door Handle Maintenance – Door handles are an important part of your home’s exterior. They should be cared for just as you would any other hardware on the outside, with gentle use and smooth motion being key to their longevity! If they become loose or broken due too much abuse – don’t hesitate in contacting a professional locksmith who can fix this issue quickly.

It may seem like common sense that if we’re frequently opening these doors aggressively then our handle might show some wear but sometimes even though there isn’t direct damage done right away; over time certain parts start degrade quicker than others which leads them longer lasting lifespan at best (if not deteriorating altogether).

If you need any help ensuring the security of your property or proper maintenance of your door and its locks, contact Alcatraz – Edinburgh Locksmiths today – 0131 467 7675