Front-Door Security

Front Door Security: How to Prevent Letterbox Burglary?

Front-Door Security
It goes without saying that font door security is one of the most important areas to focus on when it comes to improving home security measures. This is why many have a reliable local locksmith come and upgrade the locks to BS3621 or TS007 grade locks, with this said one thing that often gets overlooked when improving the security of a front door is the letterbox.

What Is Letterbox Burglary?

Letterbox burglary is a method burglars use in which to either gain entry or steel high value items from your property such as car keys and wallets. A burglar will either use a hook like tool to pull items such as keys and wallets out through the letter box or simply put their hand through the letterbox and reach up to let themselves into your property. Unfortunately, this method is highly effective and requires little or no skills to pull off.

Letterbox Burglary Prevention

Keys – Don’t leave house or car keys in view from the door or in the lock on the other side of the door. This is particularly important if you have glass panels in your door. It is also worth taking a look through your letterbox from the outside of your home so you know what a burglar would be able to see if they were to do the same.
Replace Letterbox – you can replace your existing letterbox for one that has a draught excluder built into it. This is rows of nylon bristles that are designed to keep draughts from coming through the letterbox, but they also make if difficult for a burglar to look through and see what you have in your home.
Anti-Burglar Letterbox – You could have an anti-burglar letterbox installed which is a letterbox that has undergone stringent testing to ensure that they can’t be snapped or vandalised and comply with the latest security standards.
Letterbox Restrictor – Letterbox restrictors can be installed to restrict how much the inner flap of the letterbox can be opened, meaning it would prevent burglars from pushing their hands or rods trough the letterbox.
External Letterbox – You could remove your letterbox completely and have an external letterbox installed. This can be quite an expensive to do, so it might not suit most budgets, however if you are looking at replacing your front door then it might be worth choosing one without a letterbox installed and having an external letterbox installed instead.

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