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Emergency Locksmith Edinburgh – Prices

From what I’ve heard, following is the main concern people have when calling emergency locksmiths in edinburgh: how much will it cost me?

This concern is understandable. Calling emergency Locksmiths in Edinburgh is not something people budget for! judging by some stories Ive read online, customers concerns can be justified. Some of the stories include people paying double they should for an emergency locksmith in Edinburgh.

Say someone is locked out and needs a Edinburgh locksmith. Usually they will phone a couple of companies for a quote. This is where the problem can begin!

Some emergency locksmiths in Edinburgh will give a price for getting you into your property, say £50 for example. This price sounds reasonable, considering it could be 11pm at night. However, what they don’t tell the customer, is thats the price for opening the property non destructively (without destroying the lock).

As modern locks are becoming more advanced, the chances of locksmiths picking locks are decreasing. This is where the low quote locksmith makes his money!

If they destroy your lock to gain entry, you will be charged for a new lock, possibly a fitting charge, and with some companies VAT to top things off! So as you can see your £50 quote is long gone!

At Alcatraz – locksmiths Edinburgh we do not conduct ourselves in the above manner. All our prices are fixed, and we’ll tell you over the phone the price for destructive and non destructive entry: the difference will NEVER be more than £20, because if we need to destroy the lock, you will only pay for the lock, fitting is free.

Our labour charge starts from only £45 (vat included), and 9 out of 10 jobs are completed within the hour. We also only use top quality lock suppliers and brands such as Yale, Walsall and many more. Take a look at what some of  our other clients have been saying! 

For a free quotation call us today.

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