Locksmiths In Edinburgh – Home Security Tips

Locksmith Edinburgh – home security tips

With summer around the corner locksmiths around Edinburgh will be busy repairing locks due to burglaries. Listed below are some security tips to decrease your chances of having an unwanted visitor! The staff at Alcatraz want to give you the best chance of avoiding the pain of a break in, and ruining your holiday return.

1. Avoid social media

Going on summer holiday’s is an exciting time. you can relax for a week or two whilst others are still at work. However, If you post about your holiday on Facebook, that post will reach everyone on your friends list. If your friends like that post, all THEIR friends will see that post too. So as you can see, a comment about an upcoming holiday could be reaching thousands of people. Some of whom are not very nice!

2. communicate with neighbours

If you have good neighbours tell each other the times you are going away. This way you can listen out for each others house, and look out for anything unusual.

3. don’t highlight your absence

If you go away, cancel stuff that may be left on your door step, which highlights your absence. Postpone things like paper and milk deliveries. Tell delivery companies not to leave parcels at the door. purchase a timed light: These lights will switch at the set times, giving the illusion someone is at home.

4. Secure garages and sheds

Make sure all out buildings are properly secured. A locksmith will usually attend a few forced entries avery month where a shed padlock has been cut away, or a garage lock forced open. Thieves know people keep valuables in these places. They also know most of these locks are flimsy at best!

5. Review your home security

Many security companies (including Alcatraz locksmiths) offer a free home security survey. They walk round your house and identify any weaknesses in your security. Some of the fixes are very inexpensive. For example a window \ patio lock only costs a few pound, but can enhance your security vastly. Also, just having a good quality door lock on the most important doors in your home will go a long way to increasing the security of your property. We use great quality locks such as Union, and ERA.


Follow the simple tips above and stay one step ahead of the burglar this summer! If you need any other tips on keeping your property safe call us anytime day or night or type ’emergency locksmith Edinburgh’ into your search engine and I’m sure one of my colleagues will be happy to give you some free advice.

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