Door Key: 5 Places You Should Never Hide Them

door key

Leaving a spare door key for someone outside your property can be more dangerous than you may think. From time to time we all need to let someone use a spare key to access our property when we are not home, and most of us will be guilty of hiding one somewhere around our property, however, most people are not aware of just how dangerous this can be. This is why we have put together this blog post on the 5 worst places you can leave a house key.

Under Rocks – This may seem like a good idea to most, however, rocks sit flat on the floor when something like a key is hiding underneath it can make the rock lean to one side making it pretty obvious to passers-by and potential burglars that something is under there.


Wallets/Purse – It may seem like a good idea to put your door key in your wallet or purse so that you don’t lose it whilst your out and about however, if you were to lose your wallet or purse you would also lose your house key. Not only would your key be lost but the chances are you have some form of ID in there that will tell a potential burglar where you live, and they can let themselves in with the key you had stored in there.


Flowerpots or Bushes – This will be one of the first places a potential burglar will look for a hidden door key as over the years this has been a popular spot for homeowners to leave spares!


Top of the Door Frame – This may not seem like an obvious place to look for a key, but it would be one of the first places a burglar would check! Not only can a key be seen if it is left on top of the door frame, but it is also easy for a burglar to quickly let themselves in unseen.


Under the Doormat – This is the fist place a burglar would check for a spare key when scoping out a property. Over the years this has been a very popular hiding place and burglars are wise to it! By leaving a key under an easily accessible mat right outside the front door you are practically inviting burglars in and providing them with a key!


Leaving spare door keys anywhere around your property is never advised, instead, if you need to let someone into your property when you won’t be there to let them in then leave a spare with a trusted friend or family member that can let them in for you.

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