Cheap Locks V’s Expensive Locks

Expensive Locks

What Is The Difference Between Cheap Locks and Expensive Locks?

Although both locks will do the same job, there is no doubt that a more expensive lock will do it better and more efficiently than that of the cheaper locks. The higher the price the better the quality and security of the lock. For example, the standard Euro cylinder, it will lock your door and offer some level of protection against potential intruders, however there are many thieves out there that know exactly how to bypass this cheaper cylinder and it will not defend against, picking, drilling or snapping!

When you compare the cost of a low-quality euro cylinder to that of a high-quality snap safe cylinder lock then there isn’t much in it at all, especially when you take into consideration the added security and protection a snap safe lock would provide you, your family and valuables.

Make Opportunistic Burglars Think Twice

Most burglars in the UK are opportunists and won’t actually plan out a burglary, instead they will just strike when the spot an opportunity for a quick and easy in and out job. Deterring these types of thieves is an ongoing challenge the security industry face and new tricks and methods are constantly being used by burglars and the security industry are combating this with new and improved locks and security measures.  It is our job as locksmiths and other professionals within the security industry ensure that customers are kept up to date and advised on the benefits of higher security locks and other security measures available such as security lights, and alarms, door chains and other such measures to improve the overall security of a property and increase the chance of an opportunistic thief turning around and looking for a different property to target.

With Enough Time And Skill Any Door Can Be Broken Into

Unfortunately, for experienced thieves, if they have enough time they can gain entry to almost any property if they wish to. This is why locksmiths are working hard with other sectors of the security industry to ensure that everyone has a high quality lock installed that will help prevent, picking, drilling, snapping and bumping making it a much more difficult task for a would be burglar to gain entry to a property and the more noise and time there attempt at entry is, the more likely they are to just walk away  and pick another target rather than risk getting caught, so high security locks can be the difference between a successful break-in and an attempted break-in.

As burglars are always improving their methods of entry and figuring out new ways to bypass locks it is our aim at Alcatraz-Edinburgh Locksmiths to stay one step ahead, we only install the highest quality and secure locks approved by the industry to help all of our customers stay safe and secure in their homes or businesses.

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