Locksmiths In Edinburgh – Home Security Tips

Locksmith Edinburgh – home security tips With summer around the corner locksmiths around Edinburgh will be busy repairing locks due to burglaries. Listed below are some security tips to decrease your chances of having an unwanted visitor! The staff at Alcatraz want to give you the best chance of avoiding the pain of a break in, […]

Home Security : Some Essential Tips For This Summer

HOME SECURITY : SOME ESSENTIAL TIPS   As a practicing locksmiths in Edinburgh we see on a daily basis why home security has never been more important! when it comes to fitting windows and doors the options are endless. With all these variations its important to know how each mechanism can be further secured. This in turn […]

Emergency Locksmiths In Edinburgh

Emergency Locksmith Edinburgh – Prices From what I’ve heard, following is the main concern people have when calling emergency locksmiths in edinburgh: how much will it cost me? This concern is understandable. Calling emergency Locksmiths in Edinburgh is not something people budget for! judging by some stories Ive read online, customers concerns can be justified. […]