Non-Destructive Gain Entry Explained

If you find yourself locked out of your property, you call out an emergency locksmith and when they arrive at your door, they should always start by looking at ways to get back into property without damaging the lock or door. This is called Non-Destructive Entry and it takes training and skill as there are […]

Composite Doors: How Secure Are They And What Are Their Benefits?

What is a Composite Door? Composite doors are made from various different materials that have been glued and pressed together under high pressure conditions. The selection process is specifically tailored by its properties, which counteract flaws common in single-material ones such as uPVC doors that are made from plastic; composite door installations can be done […]

Outdoor Security Measures

When you consider your home security measures it is not only the doors and windows that you should be thinking about. Outdoor security should also play a big role in improving the overall security of your property. This is why our team at Alcatraz – Edinburgh Locksmiths have put together this guide on the best […]

Why Get Door Locks Changed?

As the years go by there will eventually come a time when your door locks need replacing. Often people will put this off for as long as they can or simply wait until something goes wrong and the choice is then out of their hands. With this said there are a multitude of reasons that […]

Burglary Facts That May Shock You!

Burglaries in the UK happen around every 40 seconds, with this shocking statistic in mind it is extremely worrying how many homeowners in the UK neglect their home security measures and don’t take the necessary steps to help protect their homes from break ins. • Most burglaries happen during the day – It is common […]

Mortice Locks and Common Faults

Any modern BS3621 mortice lock is an excellent security measure to have in place at your home or business. Before the euro cylinder was introduced, almost all external doors had a mortice lock installed. A mortice lock is designed to fit into a specially cut hole within the door in which the lock is fitted. […]

Home Security Tips: Keep Homes and Businesses Secure This Winter

Regardless of the level of home security measures you have in place at your home or business there is always room for improvements. Burglars are continuously coming up with new ways to bypass security measures in order to gain entry to a property. In turn the security industry is constantly coming up with innovative new […]


  Did you know it can take approximately 15 seconds for a burglar to break open a standard euro cylinder door lock which is the most common type of door lock that most people have fitted.  The method known as “lock snapping” is a quick and easy method that burglars use to gain access to […]

Key not turning in lock – Key won’t fit in lock?

On a daily basis most locksmiths will get calls from customers complaining of different lock problems they, such as ‘key not turning in lock’ or their ‘key won’t go into the lock’. Some issues can be fixed easily by the householder. However, some issues are a little more complex, and may need the attention of […]

Renting a Spare Room, What locks Do i Need?

Renting a spare room Renting a spare room can be a great way to earn extra cash these days. Under the governments rent a room scheme anyone is allowed to rent out a furnished room in their home, and earn up to £7500 per year tax free – you don’t even need to file a […]