Burglary Facts That May Shock You!

Burglaries in the UK happen around every 40 seconds, with this shocking statistic in mind it is extremely worrying how many homeowners in the UK neglect their home security measures and don’t take the necessary steps to help protect their homes from break ins.
• Most burglaries happen during the day – It is common to think that most burglaries happen at night-time whilst the cover of darkness is on the burglars side, however burglars much prefer day time burglaries, often between the hours of 10am and 3pm, this is because most people are out at work and there is more chance of them getting in and out of a property undisturbed.
• Burglars don’t want household objects – More often than not in this day and age when a burglar breaks into a property it is not TVs and sound systems they are looking for, instead they want much small but much more valuable items such as personal identity documents, car keys, ID, credit and debit cards and other such items. These can be used to make online purchases, take out credit and steal identities. With this said it is still important to keep high value items such as jewellery stored safely away and out of sight.
• Burglars don’t often carry equipment – burglars want to go about unnoticed, and more often then not they pick a target when they spot an opportunity. Because of this they don’t walk around carrying tools and equipment to break into a property, instead they will use your own equipment and tools that they may find in the garden at the side of the house or an unsecured shed. This is why it is important to make sure any gardening tools or other such items you use you lock away securely once your finished or leaving your property for any length of time.
• 47% of burglaries are unplanned – when asked most convicted burglars said that the burglaries they committed were done at the spear of the moment after noticing an opportunity. This is why having visible security measures at your property such as high security locks, CCTV and alarms can help deter burglars as they won’t see your home as an easy target.
• Most burglaries are done by someone living nearby – A scary thought but it is a fact that most burglaries that are committed the offender often lives within 2 miles of the home they have targeted. This is why it is important that you try not to let your behaviour become predictable, leave the house and return home at different times of day wherever possible and don’t share with neighbours when you are going on holiday as this sort of information can fall into the wrong hands very quickly.
• In roughly 28% of burglaries someone is home – you may think that if your house is always occupied by someone you will never fall victim to a burglary however this isn’t always off putting for burglars so it is important that you keep doors and windows locked even when you are home, particularly during the summer months when your out in the garden, an unlocked door is the perfect opportunity for a burglar to get in and out of your house and you wouldn’t even know until you noticed missing items!

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