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5 Overlooked Home Security Issues

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There are so many different things to consider when it comes to home security so there is no wonder that some measures often get overlooked. Although high security locks and other measures such as security lights are hugely important when it comes to home security, they are just a small part of the bigger picture. This is why Our team at Alcatraz – Edinburgh Locksmiths have put together a few commonly overlooked home security issues that once addressed will go a long way to ensuring the overall security of your property is as good as it can be.

Jewellery/Other Precious Goods – When Burglaries happen one of the main things that is taken from people’s homes is jewellery, family heirlooms and other such goods. Even if the goods are not particularly expensive there could be a huge amount of sentimental value attached to it which often makes the ordeal much more difficult for the victim to deal with. The best way to protect these items from burglars if they are successful at gaining entry to your home is to have a safe installed, it is important to choose a place that is hidden or not immediately obvious for your safe to be installed, this way there is a good chance intruders wont even know there is a safe full of valuables to take. It is also always advised that any valuables are insured just in case the worst does happen, in most cases insurers will offer discounts to those that store valuables in safes.

Power Tools and Other Expensive Equipment – When it comes to buying power tools and other electrical equipment more often than not a small fortune tends to be spent and unfortunately its items like these that thieves like to target. When you buy items like this it is always worth engraving your address or other ID onto them, even using UV paint. This way if the goods do get stolen the police will be able to quickly identify them as yours if they are retrieved. Another key thing is to ensure that the garage or outbuilding that these tools are stored in is adequately secured using heavy duty locks to help towards preventing a burglary from happening.

ID and Other Sensitive Information – This is one of the most overlooked security measures, valuable documents such as, birth certificates, passports, utility bills, tax bills and so on are just as valuable to a burglar as a high end laptop or top of the range power tool. Identity theft is an all too common crime and unfortunately it is on the rise. All the documents mentioned above, and other such documents are all a burglar needs to steel your identity, they will then go on to take out credit and purchase goods in your name. It is recommended that these sorts of documents are stored safely in a fireproof safe and if you need to dispose of any documents containing sensitive information you should do it carefully by shredding or burning the documents.

Tablets and Other Medication – Medication is actually a huge target for burglars, ideally it should be stored away in a locked cabinet, or at least in a discreet secure place, this will not only help prevent burglars from steeling medication but it will also help keep it safe from curious children.

Passwords, Pins and Security Logins – These days a lot of the things we do, and buy are online including banking! To access such things, it often requires customer numbers, pins and secure passwords, with so many to remember some people might be tempted to write them all down, often all in the same place. This is all good and well unless it falls into the wrong hands! If a burglar gets their hands on this information not only can they easily and quickly empty your bank account, but they can also steal your identity and use any other credit accounts you may have. If you need to write your passwords down, then you should have them all separate and keep them well hidden. If you choose to store this information on a computer then you should encrypt the information in a password protected file.

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