Non-Destructive Gain Entry Explained

If you find yourself locked out of your property, you call out an emergency locksmith and when they arrive at your door, they should always start by looking at ways to get back into property without damaging the lock or door. This is called Non-Destructive Entry and it takes training and skill as there are […]

Composite Doors: How Secure Are They And What Are Their Benefits?

What is a Composite Door? Composite doors are made from various different materials that have been glued and pressed together under high pressure conditions. The selection process is specifically tailored by its properties, which counteract flaws common in single-material ones such as uPVC doors that are made from plastic; composite door installations can be done […]

Outdoor Security Measures

When you consider your home security measures it is not only the doors and windows that you should be thinking about. Outdoor security should also play a big role in improving the overall security of your property. This is why our team at Alcatraz – Edinburgh Locksmiths have put together this guide on the best […]

Why Get Door Locks Changed?

As the years go by there will eventually come a time when your door locks need replacing. Often people will put this off for as long as they can or simply wait until something goes wrong and the choice is then out of their hands. With this said there are a multitude of reasons that […]

Door Key: 5 Places You Should Never Hide Them

Leaving a spare door key for someone outside your property can be more dangerous than you may think. From time to time we all need to let someone use a spare key to access our property when we are not home, and most of us will be guilty of hiding one somewhere around our property, […]

Home Security: Winter Security Tips

Home Security measures can always be improved upon. Home Security measures are constantly updated, to meet the latest British Standards. Homeowners must be aware of these changes and updates in Home Security systems to protect their home against becoming a victim of burglary. Home security can be improved by performing some basic Home Security maintenance […]

Home Security: Door Maintenance

A front door is vital to any property, not only does it provide protection for the elements but also provides security from unwanted intruders. With this in mind door maintenance and maintaining your home’s exterior really should be at top of one’s list when making updates or renovations on a new project! Our team at […]

Cheap Locks V’s Expensive Locks

What Is The Difference Between Cheap Locks and Expensive Locks? Although both locks will do the same job, there is no doubt that a more expensive lock will do it better and more efficiently than that of the cheaper locks. The higher the price the better the quality and security of the lock. For example, […]

Home Security: Tips For Outside Your Property

Home security measures can always be improved upon but its not just the ones for your property itself that you should be looking at, home security measures for outside the home can also play a vital role in better securing your home against burglars. This is why our team at Alcatraz-Edinburgh Locksmiths have put together […]

Broken Key Extraction: How To Extract Broken Keys

Keys snap in locks on a regular basis, it is something that us locksmiths get called out for regular to carry out broken key extraction. If you find yourself in this situation it can be incredibly frustrating as it can leave you locked out or even locked in your property. Why Do Keys Snap In […]