Home Security: Winter Security Tips

Home Security measures can always be improved upon. Home Security measures are constantly updated, to meet the latest British Standards. Homeowners must be aware of these changes and updates in Home Security systems to protect their home against becoming a victim of burglary. Home security can be improved by performing some basic Home Security maintenance […]

Home Security: Door Maintenance

A front door is vital to any property, not only does it provide protection for the elements but also provides security from unwanted intruders. With this in mind door maintenance and maintaining your home’s exterior really should be at top of one’s list when making updates or renovations on a new project! Our team at […]

Cheap Locks V’s Expensive Locks

What Is The Difference Between Cheap Locks and Expensive Locks? Although both locks will do the same job, there is no doubt that a more expensive lock will do it better and more efficiently than that of the cheaper locks. The higher the price the better the quality and security of the lock. For example, […]

Home Security: Tips For Outside Your Property

Home security measures can always be improved upon but its not just the ones for your property itself that you should be looking at, home security measures for outside the home can also play a vital role in better securing your home against burglars. This is why our team at Alcatraz-Edinburgh Locksmiths have put together […]

Broken Key Extraction: How To Extract Broken Keys

Keys snap in locks on a regular basis, it is something that us locksmiths get called out for regular to carry out broken key extraction. If you find yourself in this situation it can be incredibly frustrating as it can leave you locked out or even locked in your property. Why Do Keys Snap In […]

Sash Jammers: What Are They And How Do They Work?

Sash jammers are small low budget devices that can be attached to a window or door to improve the overall level of security. They are often used on uPVC windows and doors and once they have been installed the handle on them is able to pivot and secure over the window or door frame making […]

Burglary Facts That May Shock You!

Burglaries in the UK happen around every 40 seconds, with this shocking statistic in mind it is extremely worrying how many homeowners in the UK neglect their home security measures and don’t take the necessary steps to help protect their homes from break ins. • Most burglaries happen during the day – It is common […]

Mortice Locks and Common Faults

Any modern BS3621 mortice lock is an excellent security measure to have in place at your home or business. Before the euro cylinder was introduced, almost all external doors had a mortice lock installed. A mortice lock is designed to fit into a specially cut hole within the door in which the lock is fitted. […]

What Do Burglars Look For When Targeting Homes for a burglary?

When fallen victim to a burglary it is common for most to put it down to just bad luck, however from a security professionals’ perspective, in most cases there is always at least one thing that stands out that has made their home an easy target for thieves. The best security advice we can provide […]

Front Door Security: How to Prevent Letterbox Burglary?

It goes without saying that font door security is one of the most important areas to focus on when it comes to improving home security measures. This is why many have a reliable local locksmith come and upgrade the locks to BS3621 or TS007 grade locks, with this said one thing that often gets overlooked […]