Why Choose Us As Your Locksmiths In Edinburgh

What you want and need from a locksmith when you call them is one thing: to have your locks fixed. However, you can be left needing to pay out for insurance, the locks themselves, the overtime and for even the callout. Before you know it, you are stumping up a large fee for something that may not even be fixed the same day. Fortunately, if you are searching for a locksmith in Edinburgh, you can place your trust in a team who won’t charge you for a callout and will include all the charges in any work.

At Alcatraz Locksmiths we have become a leading team of locksmiths in Edinburgh who are capable of handling emergency callouts through to full door repairs when they are required. Chosen and trusted by homeowners across the city, we have the experience and expertise to change, repair, upgrade and replace your locks.

Why choose Alcatraz Locksmiths for any lock problems in Edinburgh?

Many homes have locks that require precise training to gain entry. A slight nudge to the left and a wiggle to the right to get into the property. However, this can quickly turn into snapped keys, broken locks and more. Our team at Alcatraz Locksmiths have been offering locksmith services with fixed prices for a number of years to help ease the inconvenience of your locks failing.  

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